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Student Travel from September

Parents are advised to consider safe modes of travel to and from school and if possible to avoid the use of public transport.

Students who show symptoms (or members of their household) should follow the guidance from and not attempt to travel.


  • Walking to school is preferable, where possible.
  • Students are advised to stay within their year group bubbles and to observe social distancing, particularly with other students and members of the public, on their journey to and from school.


  • Parents must be satisfied that the route to school is safe for their child.
  • Cycle helmets are advised.
  • There is a storage area on site where bicycles may be kept safely.

By Car

  • Parents may choose to drive their child to/from school by car.
  • Lift sharing – Face coverings and open windows are recommended by the Government - please refer to document 2 at the bottom of the page.
  • Students who travel by private taxi must observe the safety requirements laid down by the company.  We would strongly recommend the use of face masks in this instance.


  • Dedicated school buses serve only school students and not members of the public. Some providers serve school students from just one school, though some providers may serve more than one school on a regular basis. 
  • The students on the bus may not be the in same year group, but they will travel together every day.
  • Students will be required to sit in ‘bubble zones’ within the bus, to reduce mixing between year groups.
  • Government guidance for school transport providers has been published, and they include the use of hand sanitisers, additional cleaning, improved ventilation and social distancing within bubbles, where possible.
  • From 5th OCTOBER 2020, PHE requires all students over the age of 11 to wear FACE COVERINGS on school buses (unless they have mitigating health issues). 
  • As such, students will need to have two clean masks per day.  Safe practices for the storage and disposal of masks must be observed.
  • Students should avoid touching surfaces and wash their hands before and after any journey.

Wider Public Transport

  • In accordance with the Law, students over the age of 11 MUST wear face coverings on public transport unless there are mitigating health reasons.
  • Students should bring plastic bags or similar to store their masks. Single use masks must be disposed of safely.
  • They must observe 2 m social distancing rules on board, whilst waiting, boarding and alighting.
  • Prepaid tickets and contactless methods of payments are advised to avoid touching surfaces.
  • Students should avoid touching surfaces and wash their hands before and after any journey.
  • As space on public transport may be limited, parents must ensure they have alternative arrangements in place should their child be unable to board due to lack of seating.

Staggered Start and Finish Times

Travel companies have been made aware that our earliest start time is 8.35am and our latest finish time is 15.25pm.  

Our designated waiting/arrival area in school will be the dining room.  Students are expected to remain within their year group bubbles.


This guidance is based on information from the DfE as of August 2020


Please contact us at school if you have concerns regarding travel from September, quoting Travel.


Contact information for local travel companies and designated services. 


Swan Street Coaches

Any queries please email Kerry, who will be able to advise about timetables, safety measures, payment.

If you would like to sign up for travel but have not done so, Kerry will be pleased to hear from you.

Diamond Bus 145

The link below is to news and service updates page.

Diamond coaches have just published a new downloadable app that shows how many seats are still available.

 For any specific queries, please contact Alex Riley|

First Bus S45/S55

Please note the safety information on the website. 

First Bus have increased their services, please check timetables.

The S45/S55 arrives at 08:35 and departs at 15: 35.

West Midlands Rail

Blue Door Logistics Taxis - BG28

Tel 01905 794 185

Bromsgrove Bus and Coach Company BG20

BG20 arrives at 8.35am and also serves another school.

It departs 15:25.

Tel 01527 877754

Taurus Taxis - BG29

The company will contact parents and arrange for a meet and greet at the start of term.

Tel - 01527 62229

Kevs Coaches - (318)

Tel 0121 457 9168

WCC Travel

They have asked us to post this message:

'We will be maintaining year group bubbles on board across our contract minibus and coach services to schools.  These arrangements will remain in place until the current COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Each year group has been issued a zone in which to sit on board, and we anticipate the same seat will be occupied by the same person each day.  The Zones are shown on the spreadsheet (below) and we would ask parents to examine, so they can brief their children in advance of the requirements.  We are in the process of writing to parents.

The coaches will be clearly labelled on board however the driver will be on board to direct passengers.

If parents have any queries, it is important they contact the hub on 01905 765 765'

See spreadsheet file below, which shows colours used for bubbles.

Further Information for Students and Parents

The Government has produced general guidance about travel below

1.    From Worcestershire Children’s Services

2.     From - Safer Travel for Passengers` update 21st Aug 2020

3.   From Transport to School update Aug 2020