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Trainee Profile - Meet Aimee

Aimee Rowlands,  trainee Biology teacher at South Bromsgrove High, tells us what it’s really like to be a School Direct trainee.

What made you decide to train to be a teacher?

I love Science and I love learning more about it. When I was at school I loved my science lessons and teachers, but I didn’t know where a career in science could take me, and I was surrounded by men who were successful scientists. I wanted to encourage and motivate students to feel inspired by Science, and use it to play a role in changing the world. There aren’t enough women in STEM, and showing the younger generations that science is universal and for everyone is one of my main goals!

Why did you choose South Bromsgrove for your placement?

I had multiple interviews lined up for a place on my training year, but after my interview at South Bromsgrove I was absolutely sold on School Direct here. The staff were so welcoming and the school has amazing resources, and I knew I’d be supported well during my training year. The Professional Studies programme is really interesting and completely relevant to the stage of your training that you’re at, and we do cake Fridays!

What do you find most challenging about the training?

Balancing my time between work and home; I always make sure now to put some time aside to spend with my family and friends, but at first finding that time can be quite difficult! That and getting up early- I miss waking up at 10!

What does an average day involve?

It feels obvious to say teaching, but there’s so many other responsibilities involved too. As soon as I get into school I make a cup of tea and do my printing for the day. As a teacher you may have a form group or assist a form teacher with their group, you may have meetings, you may be on duty. At any given time at school I’m thinking about Science in one form or another, or talking about it with other staff!

What part of the training has had most impact on you?

The relationships I’ve built with students and staff, definitely! When you have a great relationship with a class, it not only makes managing behaviour and delivering lessons easier, but you enjoy it too and know the students do as well. Your colleagues are always there to have a laugh with, work on lessons with and to be a shoulder to cry on, and make coming to work feel less like a job and more like a hobby.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about training to be a teacher?

Training to be a teacher is definitely the best decision I’ve ever made; whilst it’s definitely a challenge and can at times be stressful, it’s so rewarding and is so fun. Knowing you’re making a difference to students’ lives and inspiring them in a subject you love is an unrivalled feeling that makes everything worth it! Do your research and make sure the University and School you train at is the right fit; I can’t recommend South Bromsgrove enough!