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Staff Remote Desktop

Staff Remote desktop instructions

Staff Laptops/Desktops have all ready been set up and will not need to run through the set up, these instructions are only for home Laptops/Desktops.

1) Download Citrix Receiver

Download and install Citrix Receiver (Windows pc)              
Download and install Citrix Receiver (Apple Mac)

If Citrix receiver asks for an email address please click cancel and proceed to the address below.

Duo Security 

1) Download Duo mobile app from apple or playstore

2) Once your account has been activated by the school

You will be sent a text message follow the link to activate duo for school use.

3) Then go to

4) Log on as normal

5) Duo push is already selected click ok

5) You will then be sent a notification to approve the logon request

6) Click accept 

7) Log in again