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Pastoral Support

Pastoral Team

We have a very well established Pastoral Team who work closely with all students, parents and tutors to ensure each child has the best support we can offer.

Each year group has a Head of Year who follows the year group through Year 9 to Year 11;  this means we can get to know the students and parents as we work with them during their time at South Bromsgrove High.  Attached to each year group is a Student Support Worker who is on hand to deal with the day to day issues that may arise.

Communication System

We understand the importance of keeping in touch with parents. We have numerous scheduled opportunities to discuss your child’s progress through our Parents Consultation Evenings. These are ideal opportunities to speak directly to classroom teachers for feedback.  In addition to this, we have an Annual Review Day where students and parents come in for a discussion with the form tutor to review progress made. Should you need to contact your child’s Head of Year at any point during the year please contact our main reception who will be able to help. You will also receive regular correspondence from your Child’s Head of Year with letters relating to key dates and various events.  

   Pastoral Support

Each student becomes part of a tutor group which is linked to a House. The tutor plays a significant role in offering support to your child. Students remain with their tutor throughout their time here to ensure a strong relationship is developed. Tutors will have an overview of each student’s academic progress and will oversee the maintenance of good standards of behaviour in the classroom and around the school. The tutor also plays an important part in liaising with parents to ensure each child is supported during their time here.

PSD curriculum

During Year 9, 10 and 11 students will receive guidance on Personal Health and Social Development as they work with their tutor. Students also follow a Citizenship & PSHE programme which covers a range of topics: for example, Human Rights, Diversity within our Society, Healthy Lifestyles, Relationships and Local Justice Systems. It is a spiral curriculum that revisits topics in more depth as students progress through the school. In addition to this, students will work on KS4 Personalised Pathway Options, Careers/ Work Experience and Post 16 options and applications.

Rotation Year Group Overview 2019-20

Celebrating success

We are keen to recognise students’ success in all their endeavours and we operate a House Point System. Parents can keep track on their Child’s success via My Child at School (MCAS). Each parent will be issued with a log on to the system.


Issues surrounding poor behaviour will be dealt with in line with the School Behaviour Policy. Clearly, we will not allow students to disrupt the learning of others in the classroom. The Year team and teaching staff will endeavour to work with students and parents to resolve all behaviour issues. Any negative behaviour events will be recorded on BromCom. Again, parents can view this via MCAS.


Bullying may be verbal or physical and will not be tolerated by the school in any form whatsoever.  If your child is a victim of bullying, or you suspect some kind of bullying is occurring at school, please do not hesitate to let us know. Also, encourage your child to inform a member of staff they trust and feel able to talk to.   No action will be taken without consulting the person suffering bullying, unless their health or safety is at risk. No student at South should put up with bullies – silence is the bully’s main weapon!

The following are essential guides to ensure success throughout your child’s time here:

•          Students who have good attendance achieve the best examination results.

•          Do not put your child’s success at risk by arranging family holidays in term time.

•          Please make sure your child gets to school on time.


A variety of tasks will be set on a regular basis as appropriate to support your child’s learning. We would encourage students to engage in wider reading and to make use of online resources such as MyMaths, BBC Bitesize and SAM Learning.