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Emotional Health & Wellbeing Support

The Wellbeing of our students is at the heart of South Bromsgrove. Our students are all valued individually, as we strive to support them to achieve academic success, which goes hand in hand with their emotional and physical wellbeing.

We recognise that a healthy school is one where young people feel safe, supported and empowered. It’s a place where every person is given the opportunity to develop their emotional, physical, & social wellbeing. Schools cannot do this work alone. A healthy school also relies on a wider support from families, network of agencies and the community.

By helping to support young people in this way, it makes it possible for them to develop into well-rounded and resilient young people, and we will do our upmost to supply them with the tools to progress and realise their full potential.

Some of the interventions and support packages we offer

2 school nurses – Sexual Health & General Health related issues

Brookside – learning support unit

Richard Pincher - Therapeutic Youth Worker

Respect Programme - 1-1 targeted support for students & Group workshops

Reach4wellbeing – Anxiety Group workshop

Click here for Starting Well Partnership information 

Click here for Reach4wellbeing Information film

School Therapy dog – to help reduce stress, anxiety and gain in confidence, increase school attendance

Listening service & Adults other than teacher Mentors

Bereavement Counselling




Mrs Simpson – Emotional Health & Wellbeing Support  Sixth Form Wellbeing Ambassadors