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Creative Arts

At South Bromsgrove High we recognise and value the impact that the Arts curriculum can offer in the enrichment and personal development of all our students.

The school has a long-established tradition of excellence within the field of the Arts, and we are committed to the provision of Arts education and experience through our curriculum and a rich and broad spectrum of extra-curricular opportunities.

Inclusion and access for all students are core values in our Arts provision, and we pride ourselves on the scale and scope of our students’ involvement in arts activities.

We believe that experiences in the arts encompass literature, performing arts, visual arts, art and design, media and multimedia. Arts education is provided within the school through the National Curriculum areas of Art and Design, Music, Dance, English Literature, Drama, Film and Media.

We encourage innovative teaching in order to develop creative students through opportunities for authenticity, openness to new ideas, respect for others and self-directed learning.

In doing this we recognise that study, achievement and accomplishment in the Arts contributes to the development of our students into confident and independent young adults well-equipped to embrace opportunities in their future lives and with an appreciation of the Arts as a fundamental part of their well-being in later life.