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Careers in Yr 11

Naturally, the focus for Y11 is making a good choice for after Year 11 when they have completed their GCSEs. The majority of students at South choose to move into our own Sixth Form, but we ensure everyone is given appropriate guidance.

Theses are the key items in the Y11 Careers programme

  • One-to-one careers guidance interviews with the school’s Career’s Officer will be offered to the vast majority of students.
  • Students should continue use of the online careers tool, Kudos, especially in preparation for their interview with the Careers Officer.
  • Continued development of soft skills through the PiXL Edge programme - important to enhance applications to Sixth Forms and Colleges.
  • Mock interviews
  • The school’s Sixth Form Open evening.
  • A chance to visit the school’s Careers Fair where around 40 businesses, colleges, trainers, the armed services, and universities are available to discuss future options.
  • Advice and guidance about making good choices including specific information about some local apprenticeship opportunities.

All details for logins for Kudos and PiXL Edge will have been sent in emails to students’ school accounts. If they have forgotten their password then both systems have links on their homepages to reset these.


Careers Interviews

These will usually last 30 minutes. Students will be notified by notes to their tutors and emails. It is very important not to miss their appointments. If 30 minutes isn’t enough there will be a follow-up arranged.

By re-visiting Kudos and the profile that students have built up over years 9 and 10 they will be able to talk clearly with their ideas with the Careers Officer.

The interviews will take place from late September all the way through to late April, with priority given to those identified as needing the most guidance.


Mock Interviews

Roundabout late October a day is set aside so that volunteers from local business and enterprise can spend 10 – 15 minutes in a one-to-one interview with Y11 students. The questions are general, interview style questions to enable the student to talk about themselves and promote their strengths and ambitions. 20 minutes is allocated to the activity so that the interviewer can give the student some immediate feedback and tips for the future. Brief, written feedback will be provided a bit later.



It is important to go back into Kudos regularly and update your profile as you discover more about yourself and your ambitions change. As well as keeping your profile up-to-date you can use the CV builder to create that essential document to promote yourself with future employers or trainers.

There is guidance in the documents below.


Students must continue to development of their soft skills. If they participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award this will help, but it is not enough on its own. By completing the PiXL challenges students are recognised for their leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication.

Once they reach a certain number of completed challenges they are awarded the PiXL Edge Apprentice certificate and then progress onto the Graduate programme.