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Careers in Yr 10

During Year 10 the big focus is on developing a CV and the job shadowing opportunity in the summer term. The activities are listed here in the order that they are likely to happen through the year.

  • Continues use of the online careers tool – Kudos, specifically using the CV builder to help prepare for job shadowing applications
  • Continued development of soft skills through the PiXL Edge programme
  • A chance to visit the school’s Careers Fair where around 40 businesses, colleges, trainers, the armed services, and universities are available to discuss future options
  • Job shadowing – launched in the Autumn Term, to start making applications, and taking place in the summer term.
  • One-to-one careers guidance interviews with the school’s Career’s Officer will start in the late summer term

All details for logins for Kudos and PiXL Edge will have been sent in emails to students’ school accounts. If they have forgotten their password then both systems have links on their homepages to reset these.

Job Shadowing

This will be launched in the Autumn Term with presentations to students and parents about the exact dates, requirements and advice on securing a placement.

There is a form to be completed by the parent, student and placement. An electronic copy will be emailed to all parents and students. It is best to complete online, but it is fine to hand in a paper copy at the school office.

The key, most important idea is that job shadowing is to give students the experience of real work. This can happen in any employment setting, whether it is one the student would choose for themselves or not. It may be hard to get a placement in the exact business or sector that a student is interested in, so it is best to accept whatever is available, even if it is not a student’s first choice.

The deadline for return of the forms is the February half-term. If this is missed it is fine to hand in forms late. It is also important to keep searching for a placement, right up until the actual week which will usually be in July.


It is important to go back into Kudos regularly and update your profile as you discover more about yourself and your ambitions change. As well as keeping your profile up-to-date you can use the CV builder to create that essential document to promote yourself with future employers or trainers.

There is guidance in the documents below.

Students must continue to development of their soft skills. If they participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award this will help, but it is not enough on its own. By completing the PiXL challenges students are recognised for their leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication.

Once they reach a certain number of completed challenges they are awarded the PiXL Edge Apprentice certificate and then progress onto the Graduate programme.