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Year 13 Geographers go to Swanage

On Thursday 8th November our year 13 Geographers headed to the South Coast. A Geographers “playground” this area provides the perfect opportunity to explore the landscapes and processes studied as part of the A-Level course.

Thursday involved a trip to the town of Swanage to look at coastal management strategies and to evaluate their effectiveness. The students worked efficiently and successfully to collect beach profile and groyne profile data. Ultimately they were able to conclude that the coastal management of Swanage was successful.

The following day was the day to “collect” some of the UK’s major geographic landforms. Starting at a windy Chesil Beach we looked at long-shore drift (well we tried before the sea stole the apples) and barrier beach formation. We then headed to Durdle Door – one of the world’s most famous coastal arches. Sadly the tide was in so we couldn’t get too close but many selfies later were sure that the students were pleased to see the iconic landform. Last on the list was Lulworth Cove following a rather windy walk. We escaped on to the bus just as the rain storm arrived!

Creating beach profiles at Chesil Beach

Slightly wind blurred team photo at Durdle Door

Our final day was spent in Studland Bay looking at sand dune formation and succession. This was an opportunity to learn lots of new fieldwork skills and use items of equipment Miss Lodwick can only dream of!

All in all it was a very successful trip with students seeing, doing and learning lots.