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3G Astroturf pitch installed at South Bromsgrove High School

Over the past couple of months, a large team of construction workers have been working tirelessly on building a 3G AstroTurf pitch at South Bromsgrove High School. Around two weeks ago the pitch was completed and ready for use. It will be used in PE lessons by the school to improve the quality of learning, standard of lessons and also for various matches and competitions.

The pitch is also available for the community, from 6-10pm on school nights and all day at the weekends. A PE teacher at South Bromsgrove High, Mr Bayliss, thinks “the pitch will really benefit the school and community”. Already the pitch has been booked for many competitions, for example, a middle school tournament.

The sports which can be played on the pitch are football, touch rugby, rounders and other sports which you would normally use a field for. Hockey, however, cannot be played on the pitch as it is not the right surface for the sport. The pitch will bring more sporting events to South Bromsgrove High, which will benefit the pupils massively, as they will have more opportunities to socialise and improve their ability in sports. Middle school competitions, gender specific events, over 35s football, 8 cup final matches and local leagues will all be using the pitch. Also West Bromwich Albion are going to have a play development centre there from September.

The pitch should benefit the school and community which will bring more events to Bromsgrove for many years to come.

By Robyn and Alice (year 9)

Edited by Anna (year 9)