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Bugsy Malone

Bugsy Malone is a musical based in the early 1930s. The gangsters have developed a new weapon for gang warfare: the splurge gun! This a firearm that shoots splurge, a white, custard-like substance. These are only used by one gang, while their rivals are stuck using old fashioned weapons such as pies. The cast is usually played by school students, rather than senior actors, adding charm to the (custard) mix.

School productions are a key part of the school curriculum. They not only add an element of variety to school life, but also allows the students to experience different types of activities which are not usually part of the school day.

We interviewed Matt Vivian (see school play clip for the full interview), who played Fat Sam in Bugsy Malone, and he described how much he had enjoyed his time in the production. He told us he had “gained a lot of confidence” from the experience and that he was “pretty happy with how it turned out”. We also interviewed Mr Sprouting, who is head of media at South Bromsgrove High and was involved in filming the play, who told us “the most important thing about putting on a play is bringing together a whole range of people who offer different skills to create a truly collaborative experience. Moreover, in the current political climate, with an emphasis in the curriculum on the STEM subjects, it is vital to maintain a high profile for the arts. I can’t think of a better way of doing this than putting on a school play.”       













In conclusion, it is vital that students have the chance to experience things such as school plays because it gives them an opportunity, not just to enhance their skills, but also to show them future career options.

By Anna and Lucas (year 9)