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Bromsgrove Sporting – The Fan Run Club

The once strong conference side Bromsgrove Rovers, had found themselves in the Southern Division 2, the 8th tier of English Football.  Attendances were at an all-time low and the club faced increasing financial trouble. Eventually in 2010, after being thrown out of the league, Bromsgrove Rovers folded.

Soon after a new fan run club was born, Bromsgrove Sporting, who had to start again at very bottom of the footballing pyramid. Founded in 2009, Sporting managed to acquire the old ground and facilities of Bromsgrove Rovers, the Victoria Ground.

Starting in the Midland Combination Division 2, the lowest of the low, Sporting were playing teams who were just starting off, playing in park fields and schools whilst playing away. Any team visiting the Victoria Ground would feel privileged as they get to play at an actual football ground.

Bromsgrove technically paid their way through the Midland combination divisions, as their budget was large compared to the other teams and it attracted the better players to come and play for them.

After four years Sporting had already got to The Midland football league division 1, the 10th tier of English football. In their first season in the division saw them be the only team in the country to be undefeated in the FA cup for a fortnight, as it was their first season in the competition and by winning the first extra-extra preliminary round saw them hold that status.

The end of the 2014/15 season saw The Rouslers (the club’s nickname) finish 2nd in the division, agonisingly close to first placed Highgate, who earned promotion. After just 5 seasons of club football it is amazing to see how far Bromsgrove have come just run by the loyal supporters of the former Bromsgrove Rovers.

As the club has a very old ground, and is run by supporters the club could never reach the dizzy heights for such a small club as Bromsgrove Rovers once did, as they simply don’t have the investment to do so to buy the extra quality players. 

The players are semi-professional which means they play because they love it and they have regular jobs as well. The supporters trust has made improvements to the facilities to the ground, by refurbishing the bar and implementing new flood lights. They have also done a great job at keeping ticket prices low so many local people can enjoy cheap football instead of spending £30 minimum to go and see a premier league game.

Adults(21-65) £6

Young Children (u12s) Free

Young People (12-20) £2

Seniors (65+)  £4

The record attendance for the club is 674 which was recorded on New Year’s day 2016 where they beat Pilkington XXX 3-0 in Division one of the Midland Football League. As they currently lie in the 10th tier of English football, they have the highest average attendance to games in the whole country compared to other teams of this specific level.

Looking into the future, Bromsgrove are battling for promotion into the Midland Premier Division. The club seems to be heading in the right direction and could realistically end up in the Southern Premier Division (5th Tier) in the next 20-30 years.

By Ben Yr9