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BBC School Report

Today, the 10th March, is the BBC’s school report day, a day in which schools select students to participate in journalism media to be posted on the school website about local, relevant stories. The day is designed to help develop the journalism skills of those involved and to potentially help them in future life/ careers. The way in which the students present what they worked on may be in a variety of methods including written articles, interviews or film.

The BBC has been running this day since 2007, with today being the tenth time they’ve done it, and last year over a thousand schools across the UK got involved. South Bromsgrove High are proud to be participating in this event again this year and hope to continue to do so in the coming years.

The articles submitted by South Bromsgrove’s students include STEM subjects, the school’s geography and history trips, South Bromsgrove being in the top 100 state schools in the UK, the school’s new 3G pitch, the development of Bromsgrove’s new train station and Arsenal’s progress in the Champion’s League.