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  • Leadership Development: Resilience

    Published 21/03/18, by Andrea Taylor

    A person is described as resilient when they are able to ‘bounce back’ from problems, challenges and set-backs quickly and effectively.  Being ‘calm in a crisis’ or being ‘everyone’s rock’ is not necessarily the same as being resilient.  The demonstration of resilience requires the presence of difficulty, challenge or upset.  The most resilient people don’t simply bounce back unscathed, but rather they learn more about themselves through failure and often return stronger and more competent.

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  • Leadership Development: Communication

    Published 20/03/18, by Andrea Taylor

    Time to sit down and talk can be a scarce commodity in schools. For Middle Leaders especially, who are required day –to-day to balance the demands of their teams, their students and Senior Leaders, time efficient and effective communication is vital to sustain forward momentum and keep their teams motivated and pulling together.  This post looks at three important areas of leadership where the ‘how’ of what you say can be more important, or as important as the ‘what’.

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  • Leaders:  Know Thyself!

    Published 22/11/17, by Andrea Taylor

    So says the ‘first commandment of leadership’, according to Harvard Business Review, but what does it mean to ‘know thyself’ as a leader?  A quick google search throws up the following words and phrases: ‘personal intelligence’; ‘mastering yourself’; ‘consciousness of thought’; ‘knowing your habits.’ We could probably give an account of our attributes, our intelligence and our habits, both good and bad, but how well do we really know ourselves and how we are perceived by others?

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  • What's it like to have a Pupil Premium review?

    Published 10/05/17, by Admin

    What’s it like to have a Pupil Premium review from an external expert and is it worthwhile?  Head of School at South Bromsgrove High, Chris Smith, tells us more. 

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