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The Role of Trustees

Dear Parents and Carers,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees at South Bromsgrove High Academy Trust, welcome to the Governance section of the school website.

As strategic leaders of the school, our primary aim is to uphold the highest standards of educational achievement for all pupils under our care. We are committed to overseeing the affairs of the school with diligence and dedication, ensuring that every child receives the support and guidance they need to thrive academically and personally.

At the heart of our role are three core strategic functions:

  1. a) Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos, and strategic direction: We are dedicated to providing a clear and cohesive vision for the future of our school, one that is rooted in our values and beliefs. Through strategic planning and careful consideration, we aim to create an environment where every child feels inspired to learn and grow.
  2. b) Holding the headteacher to account: We take seriously our responsibility to hold the headteacher accountable for the educational performance of the school and its students, as well as the performance management of our dedicated staff. By maintaining a focus on continuous improvement and excellence, we strive to create a culture of achievement.
  3. c) Overseeing the financial performance: We recognise the importance of responsible financial management in ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of our school. As stewards of our resources, we are committed to overseeing the financial performance of the school and ensuring that every pound is spent wisely and effectively.

As parents and carers, your involvement and support are essential to the success of our school community. We encourage open communication and collaboration as we work together to provide the best possible educational experience for your children.

Best wishes

Alyson Jewson

Chair of Trustees


Mr Chris Smith, Headteacher 01/09/2017 - Current Ex Officio

I was appointed to the role of Headteacher in September 2017, having previously been the Head of School. I joined the school in 1998 as a Newly Qualified Teacher and I have been promoted internally over the years. My previous roles have included Key Stage 4 Coordinator in Science, Head of Biology, Assistant Timetabler, Assistant Head of Science, Director of Learning, Assistant Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher. As a senior leader I have been responsible for Teaching & Learning, Assessment, Curriculum and Raising Standards at Key Stage 4. I am extremely proud to be the Headteacher of South Bromsgrove High and I am fully committed to getting the best possible outcomes for all of our students. Email:

Mrs Alyson Jewson, Chair of Trustees & Members 13/09/06 - 13/09/26

Anyone who hears my voice will know I am not from “round ere”.  I moved to Bromsgrove from Yorkshire in 1986 and have kept my accent!

I have two children and both had an excellent education at South Bromsgrove High School. I was Chairman of the PTA when Mr Baker was Head Teacher and became a Parent Governor when Mr McTague was Head.  After four years I was co-opted onto the Governing Body and many years later I am still here…

It was a privilege to be appointed the Chairman of a group of very hardworking and dedicated people.  It is a daunting task to have so much responsibility but I am very fortunate to have an excellent team to help and support me.

I have had several jobs over the years but the first twenty six years were in banking.  I wish I could now say I am a “lady of leisure” or a “lady that lunches” but with four grandchildren, and two grand-dogs I am kept very busy.  I hope to be able to ensure that my grandchildren have the same excellent education at South that my children were able to enjoy.

We have a wonderful and very successful school, and I will do everything in my power to ensure we remain so.

Mr Rob Steenton, Vice Chair of Trustees & Members 05/10/08 - 04/10/24

I have been a resident of Bromsgrove since 1985, my daughter started her higher education at South in 2003 and I immediately joined the PTA and shortly afterwards the governing body. I have been a governor at South since 2004, in 2006 I became Chair of resources and in 2016 became Vice Chair of the governing body. I was previously from South Birmingham: I started work at ‘the Austin’ in Longbridge as an apprentice, so my roots are firmly planted in the local area. I’m a trained mechanical engineer, the latter parts of my career being in programme management leading multi-million pound programmes within the automotive industry. My skills and experience such as leading teams, project planning, budgeting, resource planning, establishing policies and procedures are put to good use within the trustees body. They allow me influence and challenge some of the academy’s key performance measures enabling us to retain our outstanding performance.

Mrs Davinder Matharu, Member 11/10/08 - 21/09/24

 I have lived in Bromsgrove for 29 years having moved from London - a complete contrast in environment (all for the best!). I have been a governor in all the phases of school in Bromsgrove- First, Middle and High for 17 years, having put my 3 children through all those schools. I have been at SBHS for 16 of those 17 and followed it through different heads and new buildings! I have always been on panels connected with curriculum and performance and it is what I know most about. These panels allow me to contribute to matters unconnected with my day to day life. I am a Chartered accountant by profession and have my own practice in the rural surroundings of Stockwood complete with our own sheep! Indeed – a work experience young person from SBHS commented on the school forum that her best moment of the week she spent with us was feeding the sheep digestives each day (pampered sheep!) SBHS is a great school to be a governor of, it is ever evolving and being a trustee allows me to give something back to the community in which I live.

Mr Tony Watson, Member 11/10/08 - 21/09/24

I’ve been living in Bromsgrove for the last 23 years and started as a Parent Governor in 2004, becoming a Community Trustee after my second child completed her time at the school. I had the privilege to be involved in the transfer over into the new school building in 2008 and the conversion into an Academy in 2013 at which time I became one of the Founding Members of the Trust. Following a review of Governance in 2019 I retired as a Trustee but have remained as a Member in order to continue to contribute to oversight of the Trust Board. My professional experience as a Managing Director of a Commercial Energy Brokerage has been useful in my role as Governor, Trustee and Member and has enabled me to contribute fully to various governance activities of the Academy during this time.

Mr Stephen Ellis, Member 14/11/12 - 21/11/24

I have been a Trustee at South since 2012 and Chair of the Resources Committee since 2016. I am married with 3 sons and whilst one of them has now left, two of them still attend South. I am a career banker with over 25 years experience in the sector. My knowledge enables me to contribute to the trustees body with regards to areas such as financial oversight, risk analysis, property issues, recruitment and HR. Previous experience as Chair of Trustees at a local First School has been useful in respect of my role at South too.

Mrs Pam Taylor, Trustee 01/09/18 - 31/08/26

South has played a hugely enjoyable part of most of my adult teaching life. I arrived in 1990 as Deputy Headteacher with responsibility for Curriculum and Timetabling, and, effectively, never left!
Towards the end of my career, I assumed responsibility for Teaching and Learning, and subsequently for leading the Teaching School with its many connections with our local community. My main links within the Trustee group are, unsurprisingly, Quality of Education ( Curriculum and Teaching/Learning).
South is an amazing place to be a teacher or a student. Indeed, a significant number of staff have been both over the years. It is a truly unique school.  Its USP is that it places equal importance on investing in every one of its students with regard to extra- curricular activities, as well as academic achievement. Consequently, it is a very happy school where staff and students respect each other, go the extra mile and have lots of fun along the way.

Mr Chris Bovey, Trustee 20/06/18 - 01/09/26 

I have been a resident of Bromsgrove since 1982. I am married with 2 grown up children, both of whom attended South Bromsgrove. In the past I have been a governor at St Johns Middle School and also at South as a parent trustee. I am a retired solicitor, being a former partner based in the Bromsgrove office of mfg where for some time I was a member of the Education Law Association.  Immediately after retirement I became involved in the Artrix and Citizens Advice, but now grandchildren, travel, golf and keeping fit have rather taken over my time!

Mrs Kerry Jones, Trustee 20/01/21 - 20/01/25

I am delighted to be a Parent Trustee at South Bromsgrove High. My daughter attends SBHS and my son is a future pupil, this is a huge motivator for me. I am a qualified Mental Health Nurse working in the NHS and am committed to using my skills and knowledge to enhance the emotional health and wellbeing of the whole school community. I am passionate about enabling young people to reach their full potential and successfully grow into responsible and caring individuals. I am really looking forward to working within the school community.

Mr Malcolm Davis, Trustee 27/09/23 - 26/09/27

I arrived as a Head of Year at SBH in 1987 after teaching in Solihull for 10 years. In the following 28 years at SBH I held a wide variety of roles as Assistant and Deputy Head, including overseeing the Eisteddfod and Duke of Edinburgh Award. I have served on the Governing body before and bring a wide range of management skills to the current role. I am committed to maintaining and improving the ethos and success of South.’


Mr Phil Beaumont, Trustee 31/03/21 - 30/03/25

I have been involved with the school for many years – our son and daughter both studied at South before going on to University and they gained a tremendous amount from the experience, both academically and also through the wide range of extra-curricular activities which the school offers, including the Duke of Edinburgh Award, eisteddfod competition, overseas trips, music and drama.

I have a deep commitment to education and a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of students. 

I am a qualified accountant and have worked in both the public and private sectors, including as Finance Director of an NHS Trust and as an IT Consultant specialising in enterprise business software. As a Trustee of the school, part of my role is to use my analytical Skills to review a wide range of information and data to help gauge the school's performance, oversee its effectiveness and identify areas for improvement to enhance educational outcomes.


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