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Gold DofE

Gold DofE

The Gold Award is undertaken by approximately 150 students in the sixth form. Students begin their Gold Award in Year 12 and complete it with their Qualifying expedition after their exams in the summer of Year 13.

The Gold Expedition section is led by Mr Hill (HL) and Mr Haden (JHH). The Gold team consists of approximately 12 experienced and well qualified supervisors who take responsibility for supporting groups of students during the Tuesday afternoon training and route planning sessions, and during the expeditions themselves.

The Gold team is supported by Mr Dixon (Director of DofE), Mrs Kershaw and Miss Street (DofE Administrators).

Key dates Year 12 for 2023-24

Deadline for enrolment forms to be returned in person to Mr Dixon, Miss Street or Mrs Kershaw in person: Friday 20th October

Deadline for £55.50 payment to be made online (covers enrolment and admin) Friday 20th October

Expedition training starts on Tuesday afternoons: Spring term for Y12

Y12 expedition payment due: 1st March 2024

(An additional expedition payment is due in the spring term of Y13)

Practice Expedition (Year 12): Sunday 7th July to Thursday 11th July 2024

Compulsory Expedition debrief day in school (8:45 to 3:00): Friday 12th July 2024

Key Dates for Year 13 for 2023-2024

Expedition payment due: 1st March 2024

Year 13 Brecons training camp: Wednesday 6th March to Saturday 9th March 2024

Year 13 Qualifying Expedition: Sunday 30th June to Friday 5th July 2024

How much does it cost (Year 12 students)?

See the details in the enrolment booklet.

How much does it cost (Y13 students)?

Please refer to the application/enrolment information provided in Year 12. Information about the payment schedule will be provided in January. If you have any queries in the meantime, please contact Mrs Kershaw.