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Brilliant Club

Students from South Bromsgrove recently attended the launch of the Brilliant Club Scholars programme at the University of Warwick.

Run in association with local universities, the Brilliant Club programme involves a PhD student coming to SBHS to deliver an hour long tutorial on a STEM topic once a week to a number of students at the school, for a period of six weeks. At the end of the course, students will do an essay on what they have studied and this will be marked and graded in line with university grading systems. On conclusion of the programme, students will attend a graduation ceremony at a local university.

Our recent visit to Warwick saw students meet their tutor and discuss the topic they would be researching. The topic that SBHS students will be investigating  is cancer screening and testing methodologies, and an examination of their effectiveness.  The tutorials begin at the school this week, and students are looking forward to what will be a challenging, but extremely interesting few weeks.

Special thanks goes to Ron Pearce of the Rotary Club for generously funding the programme and facilitating the opportunity for our students to participate in this extremely rewarding experience.